365 Grateful Project Day 10

365 Grateful Project Day 10 - Fulfilling lunch at Box Hill

365 Grateful Project Day 10 – Fulfilling lunch at Box Hill

Today I’m grateful that I get to spend a lovely day with my bf. He needs to work 6 days a week so only Sunday left for our get together time. First of all, we went to Box Hill for lunch. I wanted congee but the place was packed with people and waiting time is 5 – 10 mins. Instead of waiting, we moved on to the next place which was always packed! Then the back of my shoes hurt me too much, got blisters on both side, Richard walked me to Safeway to get new socks and bandaid. Much better!! At the end we went to the dumpling place to have dumplings in chicken soup, shanghai fried noodles and fried pumpkins pancakes.

At night, Richard’s dad cooked a lovely dinner yet fancy dinner as well. Very satisfying with food today. We watched a movie before dinner and ended the night with two games of Rummikub. Unfortunately I lost both games. Well..next time I’ll win!!!

I want to thanks Richard for a lovely day :D.


365 Grateful Project Day 9

Hm…no photo today because I’ve been at home all day. I’m grateful that I don’t need to think about work or need to do anything important. I managed to start playing Minecraft again and Rummy with parents. My dad has gotten better haha I’ve lost 2 out of the 3 games that he played. Continue with gaming now…Minecraft cave exploration time.


365 Grateful Project Day 8

365 Grateful Project Day 8 - Goodbye my phone for the past 2 years

365 Grateful Project Day 8 – Goodbye my phone for the past 2 years

I’m grateful to have such a wonderful boyfriend who is caring and generous. My phone died on me again today to the point of no recovery – a brick.   Multiple ways I found from Mr Google didn’t help and from the responses I’ve seen they ended up sending back to Samsung for repair. It’s been 2 years so mine is obviously out of warranty. Still undecided of what to do I turned to my Note 10.1. Yup, I’ve used the Note 10.1 as my phone replacement for the day and then boyfriend called to tell me he has bought me the Note 3 online! O-M-G! I was shocked and that’s the phone I wanted because he knew my phone went to the grave. I’m so excited for my new phone and can’t wait for it to arrive.  Although I was upset when my phone died because I lost some of the photos within. Luckily with the photos that I took, I’ve saved them to an external micro SD card but others from friends I’ve lost forever.

Lesson here AGAIN is to backup frequently. This is the second time this happened. When will I learn!


365 Grateful Project Day 7

365 Grateful Project Day 7 - A little silliness at work

365 Grateful Project Day 7 – A little silliness at work

I’m grateful my work environment allows us to be a little silly sometimes. I was holding a foam sword from Minecraft as well. The items were purchased from a colleague which we both played Minecraft. I really think the torch is so cool but a little pricy. If you get it from EBay or other hobby shops, it is an easy $45.

When work get less busy, need to do some more work during night to capture live data, then I’ll conduct an experiment. I won’t reveal what it is yet since I might not carry through but if I do, I’ll blog about it.

Here to another good day tomorrow. Just wish work can be smooth sailing soon.


365 Grateful Project Day 6

365 Grateful Project Day 6 - Running with our new New Balance runners

365 Grateful Project Day 6 – Running with our new New Balance runners

Stumbled on a road block at work but I don’t want to talk about it now, because I should focus on positive happy stuff. Today I’m grateful that Richard and I ran with our new New Balance runners. What’s more blessing is Richard found the shoes very comfortable to run with. It’s harder for him to find running shoes so it’s good now he owns one. Not sure if I’ve mentioned what’s that gift I’ve got for Richard that I’ve been looking for years? It’s a denim bean bag. We saw it at Big W years ago and they were gone when we finally decided to buy them. Every time I walked into a shop I would look at their bean bag section to see if they have the same one. Each time I walked into Big W I would secretly hope they would have it re-stocked. At the end I found it at Target Westfield. Tonight, we tried to fill up the bag with beans we bought last night from K-mart. Hahah boy did we make a mess. Beans ended up on the floor and Richard needed to pick them up. He seems to enjoy the bean bag which makes me happy.

Man..it’s late again. What happened to my time?


365 Grateful Project Day 5

365 Grateful Project Day 5 - Daddy Wong kitchen's 馬拉糕

365 Grateful Project Day 5 – Daddy Wong kitchen’s 馬拉糕

Today I’m grateful that my work finally made some progress. I have been repeating the same thing over and over again without solid result. Finally, after a conversation with colleague and a read through code, we might have found our potential problem! I am so excited that we can work on a fix for one of the many problems.

Dad decided to make 馬拉糕 because he wanted to test the mixer. 馬拉糕 is a type of sponge cake where you can order it at Yum Cha. I’m grateful he can do something he enjoyed and possibly missed since he doesn’t work any more. There is also a failed batch where he forgot to put sugar haha too cute! The taste is a bit different though, maybe because he mixed all the left over butters together.  Mum on the other hand is not so great because she need to do all the clean up after Dad hahaha.

Looking forward to another beautiful day tomorrow.


365 Grateful Project Day 4

365 Grateful Project Day 4 - Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

365 Grateful Project Day 4 – Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

I am grateful for my parents to have bought the Kenwood electric mixer today so I don’t need to use a hand mixer to mix the ingredients together. As mentioned in my last post that I wanted to bake Oatmeal cookie so that’s what I did tonight. I managed to go to Safeway to buy all the required ingredients and be home before 9pm. I followed the Oatmeal Raisin Cookies recipe from Stephanie Jaworski of joyofbaking.com. The youtube demonstration is a bonus because I’m not really good with following word instructions for baking. Being a novice I need to see exactly of what needs to be done. I kept comparing my mixture with what’s show on the clip. I don’t want to be too far off with the end product :P.

To get the dark golden brown colour, the cookies might have been baked longer than they should so the centre is not as chewy as I hope. Consider the cookies were thicker than the ones shown on the clip I thought they needed extra time to get them fully baked. Mine don’t really melt and expand to the thinner looking cookies as shown on the clip. Not sure what I did wrong there. The recipe said it can make 18 large cookies and I made 24. Taste wise it’s not bad in my opinion 😛 but can go with less salt next time. This is fun!! It is not too hard to make and yummy to eat. Next time I might try another recipe for Oatmeal Cookies, to experiment and be more healthy. Maybe I can swap the butter with coconut oil?

Now that I tried baking, need to think what’s going to be my next experiment :).


365 Grateful Project Day 3

365 Grateful Project Day 3 - Left over dessert from a yummy and fulfilling dinner

365 Grateful Project Day 3 – Left over dessert from a yummy and fulfilling dinner

Today I am grateful for going to DFO with mum and Richard – managed to buy two more handbags for mum and dad. Then had a yummy dinner with lots of good food with Richard’s family friend – the Yu family. However I did lost my temper tonight because after watching 叱咤 it’s already 1am. I thought it’s 12am but the clock was wrong. I planned to bake oatmeal cookie tonight so I was a bit disappointed that I missed it. I am grumpy mainly because I’m tired (shoulders started to hurt) and I want to put up this post before going to bed. A secretive New Year resolution is to try to sleep earlier and this is the 5th day to the year and it’s already not happening. So I was just saying stuff trying to make Richard feels guilty. Well, conversation didn’t really go down the path I want and I got more cranky. Richard was still kind to me so I was the one ended up feeling guilty. LKDF *&)D(*F (*&^DSF*&*(&^((**^ Sigh. I better go to sleep. I still have this burning anger inside me that I have no way of releasing.

Next thing to practice is to learn to let go….


365 Grateful Project Day 2

365 Grateful Project Day 2 - Rummy-o with parents

365 Grateful Project Day 2 – Rummy-o with parents

I didn’t have any plan today and I am glade I didn’t or else I won’t be able to go out shopping with my parents. I have not be out shopping with them for a long while and dad was looking for a mixer. We were mainly window shopping.

Rummy (aka Rummikub) is a game where your aim is to be the first to use up all tiles on your deck. I never played it before until Jacky showed me on NYE, technically on New Year day because it’s after mid-night. I was hooked after! I was planning to look for it after work but as usual work never finish early enough before shops close. I saw Jono at Westfield and then Jacky gave me a call telling me he saw a different packaging  of the game as the one he got but same price. He bought it for me! I didn’t even think about the game when I was at Westfield to be honest. That’s one of the lucky thing happened today. Another lucky thing was I finally found what I have been searching for years. I’m not kidding, I have been searching for it for years. Well….what it is I’ll keep it as a secret for now because it’s a gift for my Moo.

I am grateful for Jacky to have bought the game for me because I played with my parents for a couple of hours. It has been few years since we do any activity together. Last time it was a few years back when we first got the Wii. This time, even dad joint in. He paired up with mum so 2 vs 1! It’s really nice to have spent such quality time with my parents. Dad was surprisingly quick in picking up with the game. Maybe Rummy will become our family game? I hope so!



365 Grateful Project

I saw a friend’s post on FB to this link – http://www.upworthy.com/you-take-zillions-of-photos-with-your-cellphone-why-not-try-something-new-with-them?g=2 .

Below is the video included in the site:

I was waiting for testing at work to finish so I watched the video while waiting. I am quite interested in the idea of finding something to be grateful about each day no matter how big or small the thing is. This teaches us to focus on what makes us happy and be at the positive side of the scale. It takes practice and patience to shift our own perspective in life – what we should focus and use our energy toward. I am confident to say most people pay more attention to the bad than good because that’s the sort of person I am! When a tiny little thing of what I consider to bad happened, I’ll dwell on it for hours and hours. Replaying it over and over again in my mind thinking if I could only turn back the clock and make this right. I will use this project as an exercise to divert my attention to focus on something better. And maybe this will help with my anger issue as well hahaha I get pissed/grumpy very easily. Ok, enough talk, let the project begin!!


365 Grateful Project Day 1

365 Grateful Project Day 1 - Yummy mango

365 Grateful Project Day 1 – Yummy mango

Today I’m grateful that I’ve got to eat a yummy mango as mango is one of my favourite fruits. On a side note, I’m also grateful for not eaten the hideous bug hidden in the stir fried vegi mum saved me for dinner.