365 Grateful Project Day 2

365 Grateful Project Day 2 - Rummy-o with parents

365 Grateful Project Day 2 – Rummy-o with parents

I didn’t have any plan today and I am glade I didn’t or else I won’t be able to go out shopping with my parents. I have not be out shopping with them for a long while and dad was looking for a mixer. We were mainly window shopping.

Rummy (aka Rummikub) is a game where your aim is to be the first to use up all tiles on your deck. I never played it before until Jacky showed me on NYE, technically on New Year day because it’s after mid-night. I was hooked after! I was planning to look for it after work but as usual work never finish early enough before shops close. I saw Jono at Westfield and then Jacky gave me a call telling me he saw a different packaging  of the game as the one he got but same price. He bought it for me! I didn’t even think about the game when I was at Westfield to be honest. That’s one of the lucky thing happened today. Another lucky thing was I finally found what I have been searching for years. I’m not kidding, I have been searching for it for years. Well….what it is I’ll keep it as a secret for now because it’s a gift for my Moo.

I am grateful for Jacky to have bought the game for me because I played with my parents for a couple of hours. It has been few years since we do any activity together. Last time it was a few years back when we first got the Wii. This time, even dad joint in. He paired up with mum so 2 vs 1! It’s really nice to have spent such quality time with my parents. Dad was surprisingly quick in picking up with the game. Maybe Rummy will become our family game? I hope so!



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