365 Grateful Project Day 5

365 Grateful Project Day 5 - Daddy Wong kitchen's 馬拉糕

365 Grateful Project Day 5 – Daddy Wong kitchen’s 馬拉糕

Today I’m grateful that my work finally made some progress. I have been repeating the same thing over and over again without solid result. Finally, after a conversation with colleague and a read through code, we might have found our potential problem! I am so excited that we can work on a fix for one of the many problems.

Dad decided to make 馬拉糕 because he wanted to test the mixer. 馬拉糕 is a type of sponge cake where you can order it at Yum Cha. I’m grateful he can do something he enjoyed and possibly missed since he doesn’t work any more. There is also a failed batch where he forgot to put sugar haha too cute! The taste is a bit different though, maybe because he mixed all the left over butters together.  Mum on the other hand is not so great because she need to do all the clean up after Dad hahaha.

Looking forward to another beautiful day tomorrow.

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