365 Grateful Project Day 3

365 Grateful Project Day 3 - Left over dessert from a yummy and fulfilling dinner

365 Grateful Project Day 3 – Left over dessert from a yummy and fulfilling dinner

Today I am grateful for going to DFO with mum and Richard – managed to buy two more handbags for mum and dad. Then had a yummy dinner with lots of good food with Richard’s family friend – the Yu family. However I did lost my temper tonight because after watching 叱咤 it’s already 1am. I thought it’s 12am but the clock was wrong. I planned to bake oatmeal cookie tonight so I was a bit disappointed that I missed it. I am grumpy mainly because I’m tired (shoulders started to hurt) and I want to put up this post before going to bed. A secretive New Year resolution is to try to sleep earlier and this is the 5th day to the year and it’s already not happening. So I was just saying stuff trying to make Richard feels guilty. Well, conversation didn’t really go down the path I want and I got more cranky. Richard was still kind to me so I was the one ended up feeling guilty. LKDF *&)D(*F (*&^DSF*&*(&^((**^ Sigh. I better go to sleep. I still have this burning anger inside me that I have no way of releasing.

Next thing to practice is to learn to let go….


365 Grateful Project Day 2

365 Grateful Project Day 2 - Rummy-o with parents

365 Grateful Project Day 2 – Rummy-o with parents

I didn’t have any plan today and I am glade I didn’t or else I won’t be able to go out shopping with my parents. I have not be out shopping with them for a long while and dad was looking for a mixer. We were mainly window shopping.

Rummy (aka Rummikub) is a game where your aim is to be the first to use up all tiles on your deck. I never played it before until Jacky showed me on NYE, technically on New Year day because it’s after mid-night. I was hooked after! I was planning to look for it after work but as usual work never finish early enough before shops close. I saw Jono at Westfield and then Jacky gave me a call telling me he saw a different packaging  of the game as the one he got but same price. He bought it for me! I didn’t even think about the game when I was at Westfield to be honest. That’s one of the lucky thing happened today. Another lucky thing was I finally found what I have been searching for years. I’m not kidding, I have been searching for it for years. Well….what it is I’ll keep it as a secret for now because it’s a gift for my Moo.

I am grateful for Jacky to have bought the game for me because I played with my parents for a couple of hours. It has been few years since we do any activity together. Last time it was a few years back when we first got the Wii. This time, even dad joint in. He paired up with mum so 2 vs 1! It’s really nice to have spent such quality time with my parents. Dad was surprisingly quick in picking up with the game. Maybe Rummy will become our family game? I hope so!



365 Grateful Project

I saw a friend’s post on FB to this link – http://www.upworthy.com/you-take-zillions-of-photos-with-your-cellphone-why-not-try-something-new-with-them?g=2 .

Below is the video included in the site:

I was waiting for testing at work to finish so I watched the video while waiting. I am quite interested in the idea of finding something to be grateful about each day no matter how big or small the thing is. This teaches us to focus on what makes us happy and be at the positive side of the scale. It takes practice and patience to shift our own perspective in life – what we should focus and use our energy toward. I am confident to say most people pay more attention to the bad than good because that’s the sort of person I am! When a tiny little thing of what I consider to bad happened, I’ll dwell on it for hours and hours. Replaying it over and over again in my mind thinking if I could only turn back the clock and make this right. I will use this project as an exercise to divert my attention to focus on something better. And maybe this will help with my anger issue as well hahaha I get pissed/grumpy very easily. Ok, enough talk, let the project begin!!


365 Grateful Project Day 1

365 Grateful Project Day 1 - Yummy mango

365 Grateful Project Day 1 – Yummy mango

Today I’m grateful that I’ve got to eat a yummy mango as mango is one of my favourite fruits. On a side note, I’m also grateful for not eaten the hideous bug hidden in the stir fried vegi mum saved me for dinner.


2014…another year

Time really doesn’t wait for any one. Looking back at 2013, there are things I definitely want to leave them behind. All the bad, all the downs, all the unhappy memories. I didn’t even achieve the one new year resolution of reading 20 books. I think I’ve got the 15. I guess let’s give it another try this year. Good thing I am almost done with a book so that will give me a head start for 2014.

What I want for 2014 is for my family to be happy and healthy and wish my Moo the best of luck to achieve his goals. All the best…