Not a very pleasant night…or should I say nights

My little girl has been coughing in her sleep for the last few nights. It’s affecting her sleep and mine. The coughing would wake her and then I’ll need to walk (and pat) for at least 15 minutes to put her back to sleep. Just as she was slowly getting back to having slightly better nights this happens!

It is more frustrating tonight because she didn’t want to go back to sleep. She thought 34 minutes of sleep is enough!!! I tried walking her to sleep after she was up a bit, she was rubbing eyes and yawning. 40 minutes later she was still wide awake; so much for tired signs. I’m a small build woman and she is not exactly light (has always been at the 75th percentile for weight since 4 weeks old). My arms and back hurt. I gave up on the “no feeding for 2 hours” rule and tried to feed her 50 minutes since the start of last feed. Instead of feeding and falling asleep as I have hoped she decided to bite. Sigh. There goes my last resource for getting her back to sleep quickly. What it means is I’ll need to wait the 2 hour since she’s up before trying to get her to sleep again. By this time it’s already passed mid-night. To top it off, she pooped while sitting on my lap. I dislike poop at night because it means more awake after nappy change.  It was no ordinary poo as well, we’ve got ourselves a leaked poo!!! Oh my, so much fun. Since my daughter has started solid, her poo is thicker and more in volume (Sorry if it grosses you out but after being a mum and dealing with poo everyday, talking about poo is like talking about the weather nowadays). The poo got pushed and leaked out from the back, it soaked all the way to the sleeping bag. Sigh, need to change ALL her clothes and wipe her clean. After everything is, it’s been 2 hours since she’s up. I can finally tried feeding her to sleep again and she did eventually fall asleep in my arm while feeding. I went to shower and came back and saw her blanket moved, I knew she has been up while I was showering but Richard walked her back to sleep again.

While I’ve been typing this, she woke up twice already. Seriously, when will her sleep gets better? Can I have the three magically nights of sleep through back please? Now that she is unwell, she only does one 3 hours stretch and the rest are 2 hours or less. The lack of sleep is affecting my mood and tolerance to get my little girl to sleep.

Please tell me this is only a phase and I’ll see the end of the tunnel soon?


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