Sleep training day 1

I’ve decided last night that I should get my daughter on a schedule (routine) so she knows when naps/sleep is coming. It has been a frustrating month where my daughter’s sleep was so terrible that left me like a zombie through out the days. Thinking about returning to work next year motivated me to set her sleep right and be as painless as possible for day naps. My mother-in-law will be caring for her after I return to work and I want my girl to be on a schedule by then so easier for my mother-in-law to get her to sleep. As you know, it doesn’t happen over night so I better get going.

Well, today was a failure. I wanted to start the day at 10am but my girl decided to get up at 9:24am. When I was ready to walk her for her first nap she pooped and leaked from the back. She got overtired by the time I finished changing her nappy and clothes. I thought I would have better luck with her 2nd nap, got her to sleep without issue but then she woke up 5minutes later crying and couldn’t be walked back to sleep. I let her stayed up for another hour before trying to walk her to sleep again. She refused me!!!! She cried and refused me to walk her! Luckily Richard was home already so he took over and managed to get her to sleep. I napped while she napped. She woke an hour after but I was too tired to get up so fed her while laying in bed to get her continue with her nap. 40minutes later I woke up thinking sh*t what have I done? If I got her up when she first woke up, she should be sleeping around 9pm but now after 10pm it is. To add to the training, I want to wean off the association between sleep and breasts. This might be also a reason to why she is waking up every 2 hours and needs feeding back to sleep. So tonight, I tried to massage -> feed -> read book -> walk to sleep. In the middle of reading, she pooped and leaked AGAIN! Sigh, as you probably can guessed, she got overtired after I changed her and walked her to sleep. Actually the walk wasn’t too bad but staying asleep in the problem. From the e-book I’ve purchased today, The 3-Step System To Help Your Baby Sleep by Nicole Johnson – The Sleep Site,  mentioned that an overtired baby will have problem staying asleep. I guess that’s my problem – an overtired baby. My daughter woken up 4 times  in 1.5hour. I ended up feeding her to sleep again, normally after the first rough start, she slept better after another feed but might only last 2hours or so. Tomorrow…let’s try again tomorrow. Need to be consistent and be at it for at least 7 days. One thing that’s very hard for me to achieve is to get my daughter drowsy but awake before putting to cot. She would fell asleep on me and then stirred a bit when I laid her to cot, sometimes she would wake up and started crying. Patting won’t work, she doesn’t do soft cry before escalating, she just does big cry and stares at me while crying too!! Sigh I’m not sure how is it possible to get her to sleep by herself without crying.

My aim with the sleep training is to get my girl to sleep through the night and wean off needing me to get her to sleep. I hope it can be soon, been really cranky lately due to lack of sleep. Wish me luck and I know I’m not alone.



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