Sleep training day 2

Well…I’m not sure what happened last night. After a rough start and a feed before mid-night, my daughter actually slept for 6.5 hours till morning. She slept through?! I gave her another feed and she slept till 8:20am. Babies work in mysterious ways.

As for today, my daughter work up an hour earlier than yesterday so further away from my 10am planned wake up time. I have achieved the aim of having 3 naps during the day before bed time. With the second nap, she woke up 45minute after but once I picked her up she fell back asleep again. I got her back to cot and sing to her while she resettled her self (first time in a long while where she did not cry when I lay her in cot when she suddenly wakes up). She slept for another 41 minutes. No bad! With the 3rd nap, she only slept for 30 minutes but was awake happy. I heard her playing in her cot and didn’t cry. Over all, she achieved nearly 3 hours of nap. I started to walk her to sleep when she has been up for 2 hours. I guess with the previous days when I started to walk her at 2 hours 15 minutes to 2 hours 30 minutes, it would have been too late and she got overtired already since she didn’t protest when I slowly walked and sang her to sleep today.

For night routine, I was behind on schedule. I should have been reading to her at 9:45pm instead of still feeding.Breaking her habit of feeding to sleep is difficult. I tried to keep her awake during her feed and that got her a 2nd wave of energy. After reading the book, she wasn’t tired at all but I still walked her anyway. I need to teach her that night is for sleeping and when I walk her after reading the book it should be bed time. Tonight, I walked 40 minutes to get her to sleep. She didn’t complain when I walked her and keeps chewing on my sleeves. This long walk is hurting my back but hopefully tomorrow night I can shorten the time to walk her to sleep.

So far, she woke up once after being asleep for an hour. Compare to last night it’s already an improvement. I’ll give her a feed when she wakes up next. Wish me luck to get another long stretch out of her!!

Good night.


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