Sleep training day 3

Last night surely wasn’t a walk in the park. My little girl did two 3 hours stretches (I think one of them she actually woke up but got cuddle back to sleep by my husband) and the rest were an hour long. Something different is that she wasn’t sleepy after I fed her but she was calm. I was too tired to get up to walk her so I decided to place her back in the cot to see what happened. She first stared at the projected stars on the ceiling smiling (we use the starry light projector from our vicks humidifier as night light) and then turned her head toward me while I continued to pat her. To my surprise she fell back asleep like that by herself. This is like the first time it happened at night but the good thing didn’t last. An hour later she woke up again and I couldn’t feed her again. I got up to walk her, got her drowsy and I thought let’s try putting her in bed again like this. My little girl again resettled herself and fell asleep on her own. I wish she can do this every time.

Today, she woke up at 8:30am which is the time I want her to start her day. 1st nap I started to walk her 5 minutes before 2 hour so a bit earlier. Took me 17 minutes but she napped for 2 hours. 2nd nap, it took me 8 minutes to walk her to sleep but took 3 tries to lay her in cot so ended up still around 20 minutes, and she only napped for 30 minutes. 3rd nap was the most difficult. I saw her rubbing her eyes with her toy and hands so I thought I would walk her earlier as she didn’t nap that long with 2nd nap. I walked for 20 minutes and nope she didn’t want to nap. Ok, played for 5 more minutes and tried again. Nope, walked another 20 minutes and still not going to sleep. I then let her played for another 10 or 15 minutes before walking her to sleep again. She ended up staying awake for nearly 3 hours. Not sure what happened there, yesterday I was still able to walk her when it was around the 2 hour wake-time. This round she napped for 20 minutes. Lol…the duration is decreasing. Good thing is she woke up at 7pm again like last night so tonight I know to start her night routine earlier so I could get her to sleep around 10pm. Tonight she got drowsy while feeding but I didn’t need surprise her with noise to keep her awake. We read through the same book then I turned off the light and start walking. Yesterday it took me 40 minutes and tonight it took 30 minutes overall. I tried three times to get her to cot. It’s always hard to find the right moment where she will only have a slight stirred before falling asleep as I laid her down. Tonight so far she woke up once after sleeping for 1 hour 39 minutes. That’s already an improvement¬†compares to last night. I walked her back to sleep instead of feeding.If she can last 4 hours not needing to feed during the day then she should be able to do the same at night. So far she has been sleeping for 55 minutes. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that she will have a longer stretch this round.

Currently I have a night routine set up being massage (with clothes on so can continue during winter) -> feed -> read a book -> walk. I’m hoping to keep going with this and eventually once I get to finish reading the book she knows she should sleep then I don’t really need to walk her much any more. Can babies fall asleep like this by themselves?


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