Sleep training day 4

Last night was good! My girl did 1h 39m, 2h 52m, 5h and 46m then got up at 9am. In between I only fed her after she got up from the 2h 52m sleep and after 5h. When things going smooth it gives you motivation to keep going.

Today I went back to my parents so they can spend quality time with their grand daughter. I thought it might stuffed up my sleep training but it went better than expected. With the 1st nap, my daughter got excited seeing new surrounding and her grand parents, she didn’t let me walk her to sleep until 2.5h wake up time. She slept for 35m and woke up happily playing in the cot by herself. We didn’t realised she was up until mum needs to walk pass the protacot to get to the front door. For the next two hours, she played with grandma on the play mat while I took a much needed nap. It’s good to have help so can get some more rest to battle the night. I woke up to my daughter’s crying and it’s around the time that I asked mum to get her to nap. My daughter sometimes picks who can get her to sleep. I got up and walked for 20m to get her to sleep. She napped for 2h 7m! She did good! But it also pushed the last nap to be a little out of whack. The ideal time is for her to take her 3rd nap around 6pm and then her can end her day around 10pm. There’s no fixed wake time before she goes for 3rd nap. Yesterday she stayed up for 3h before napping. I went home to be ready for her 3rd nap before dinner. At the end I fed her to drowsy and got her to sleep since I can’t prolong the wake time any longer or she will end up sleep at 12am again. I was expecting a short 20m nap but she ended up did 54m and that’s close to 8:30pm. I’ve been setting the last wake time to 3h before sleep for the last few nights so I’ve pushed the night routine till later. I was hoping she can get sleepy with a 2.5h wake time and that’s when I started to walk her. My girl resisted me, she complained and let out some cries. 20m gone and I know she is not going to let me walk her to sleep but my instinct told me she wanted to sleep. I asked Richard to walk her, no complain and fell asleep 15m later. Sigh, it’s upsetting when your baby resists you when you are trying to do the right thing for them *sob*. It’s been nearly an hour and she is still sleeping. Fingers crossed tonight be another good night.

Oh an observation today is that my little girl has learnt to resettle herself quicker in cot. We laid her in cot as usual and she might opened her eyes and looked at us, but then she would slowly drifted back to sleep without complain. This is good, it means she can resettle herself when she is awake during the night when she isn’t hungry. She has developed this skill as mentioned in previous post. I hope she can keep this up.


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