First time saying Mama and Ah ba?

This morning while I sleep in the cot and my baby took my place in bed to play on her play gym, she babbled something like “mma mma”. My husband was very excited saying she said mama! To me, I have not really registered yet and thought she just making sounds so in comparison I wasn’t too excited yet. In the car ride home this afternoon, she said “mma mma” a few more times and this time much more clearly. She didn’t look at me while saying it though since she hasn’t yet associated me with “mama”. I was very happy that she said “mama” but not sure why I wasn’t super excited like tear in eyes. Possibly I was pretty tired and a little dizzy that clouded my emotion. I recorded her talking on my phone since she kept practicing “mama” and then out of the blue she said “Ah ba” which is dad in Chinese. I was actually more excited she said “Ah ba” than “mama” lol. So happy to have been able to record this special moment. I have replayed the video a few more times already. I just love it when my girl talks.


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