Sleep training day 6

Last night was average but my daughter did not sleep even close the recommended number of hours. She only slept for around 7hrs in total for the night since she finished late and wake up early. How can my daughter thinks it’s enough and be up at 7:49am when she slept at around 11:30pm? She did one long stretch of 4hrs 38mins, better than nothing I guess.

Due to the lack of sleep, she slept for 2.5hrs for the first nap and then another 2hrs for the 2nd. First nap I had problem walking her to sleep since she resisted me. I sing loudly to distract her and she settled down on my shoulder as I continued to walk her to sleep. 3rd nap caused me the most headache at the moment because it needs to work around dinner time. Also cannot let it stretch out too late or else be a late night. Unfortunately she didn’t nap until 7:44pm but luckily only nap for 34mins so her sleep time should be a bit after 11pm. I wish she can nap around 6 then can finish her night around 10pm. It would be nicer if can end earlier at 9pm. I look forward to the day where she only needs two naps per day.

With her night tonight, I was too eager to see if she can self settled and sleep when put to cot awake. Nope, did not work (twice) so ended up finishing her day late again. I need to be patient and go with her flow. She already work up once while I was in the shower, fingers crossed the rest of her night will be smooth.


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