Sleep training day 5

Last night was average. My girl woke up twice crying hard after 1hr 33mins and 1hr 58mins of sleep. Both time I needed to calm her by feeding, then she slept for 4hrs 50mins. It’s actually less than that because I heard her talking to herself already when I woke up to stop the clock. It’s around 8am and she didn’t want to go back to sleep right after the feed. I let her laid next to me for a while before trying to feed and get her to sleep again because I wasn’t ready to get up yet. I know I know, I shouldn’t have done it. I fell asleep before she did so I am not sure how long exactly she slept for but I estimated to be around 30mins and we got up at 9am. Being tired and all I couldn’t be bother to bring her downstairs to play so I kept her in our bed to play with her until it’s time for her nap at 11am.

Today was a very long and eventful day which kind of messed up a little of the sleep training. At 11am I walked my girl to sleep and she slept for almost 2hrs. We had a lunch plan at 1pm but I needed to postpone it to 1:30pm so I let her nap for longer. She woke up in good time for us to get out of the house. We met up with another couple with their son (almost 2 months younger than my girl) for lunch. It’s such a contrast to see two babies together. My girl was making loud noises while the little boy laid quietly until he complained its time for feed and sleep. His cries were very soft and gentle as well, such a sweet little boy! I suspect my girl will run wild once she mastered walking next year. Anyway we needed to get a gift for a friend’s two daughters so we went to Westfield for some shopping. By the time we left for shopping, it’s almost time for my daughter’s 2nd nap. Hm…not good, she didn’t fall asleep in the car and once we were in the shopping centre she got stimulated by the surroundings and noise. She stayed up for almost 4hrs before falling asleep in the baby carrier. I guess if she didn’t complain for being overtired then it should be ok. Her nap was short though, possibly less than 20mins then she was ready to explore again. We went to the friend’s place to drop off the present and to get the high chair they no longer use. We played with the two girls for almost 2hrs before going home to get ready for dinner out. It was almost time for my daughter’s 3rd nap. We planned to drop her off at my parents while we go out for dinner with friends. She fell asleep just as we pull over at my parents’ front yard. Carried her out from the car of course woke her and I fed her back to sleep. I asked mum to message me when she woke up so I can record the duration. She slept for 45mins and woke up around 8pm. It means another late night. She needs to be up for 3hrs before wanting to sleep so sleep time is going to be around 11pm. We bathed her tonight as well but I wasn’t organised enough with the time so I fed her a bit late and she pooped while I was reading to her. With the reading, I’m not really sure it is settling her to get ready for bed because she was so excited to “talk back” to me while I was reading. By the time I finished reading she has already been up for 3hrs 22mins. Hm…luckily she wasn’t overtired yet. The walk took 20mins tonight including getting her to cot.

I’m not sure if she is getting enough of the recommended sleep with this routine. Yesterday she slept for around 12hrs from naps and night sleep. Her waking up early does makes her to have better naps but since to include 3 naps before night, her night starts late and she doesn’t sleep through with a very long stretch like 10hrs straight. But she doesn’t seems happier though. We’ll reevaluate this again in a few more days of training.


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