Sleep training day 7

Last night my girl slept an hour more than the day before.  She did 5h, 1h and 2hrs 39mins, not bad actually. In the morning, I was so tempted to feed her in bed to get her to sleep more after she has been awake for around 15mins. I stopped myself before she doze off next to me and decided to get up although very sleepy.

I went to my parents for the day so 1st nap got delayed. She didn’t nap until after being up for 2hrs 45mins and slept for 1hr 45mins. Not too bad for first nap. However 2nd and 3rd were only around 30mins. The worst thing was she didn’t want to take the 3rd nap until being up for 3hrs. Man, I can’t let her stay up for that long but no choice to go with her schedule. She woke up at 8:33pm meaning her night won’t end at least 11:33pm.

Considering her two naps being short, I tried to start her night earlier. My girl pooped again while sitting on my lap when I was reading. It’s not part of the routine!! But maybe her sitting position encourage poop poop? The walk to sleep tonight was shorter, around 15mins. She resisted at all with yelling and wiggling her body. Then she just suddenly quiet down and got drowsy. I laid her in cot right after she has closed her eyes. She resettled by rubbing the back of her head against the blanket I had for her as pillow. She is sleeping now and I should too. Really tired today.


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