Sleep training day 8

I fell asleep after putting my daughter to sleep and just woke up to have a shower. Been sleepy the whole day but I didn’t nap when my daughter is napping because I needed to do laundry and also addicted to a Chinese drama “Nirvana in Fire”. I’ve been using sleep time to watch and it’s such a long series. Finally, I’ve finished watching today and will be able to catch up on my sleep :P.

Last night my daughter did one long stretch of 4hrs 20mins and decided to be up at 6:47am. Oh man, she slept at 11:39pm and she wanted to be up so early. I tried feeding her while sitting up to see if she would go back to sleep. Nope, did not work. I let her play in cot until she complains which wasn’t long. I then tried feeding her again while laying down because I don’t think she has enough sleep. I surely did not get enough sleep. Luckily she fell asleep this way for 2hrs 9mins, then she stirred a little next to me and talked for a bit and fell back asleep on her own. By then it was 9:22am. I wasn’t sure to wake her or not to keep up with early wake up time but I also don’t want to disturb her if she fell asleep by herself. I was tired so I took the easy way to let her sleep. My daughter woke up at 10:38am which isn’t too bad. Fortunately my girl wasn’t too fussy when I walked her to sleep around 2hrs up time and not need to stretch till 3hrs for the last nap or else she won’t be sleeping until after midnight. Her last nap finished at 8:25pm so my night will be at 11:25pm which is already better than the night before by like 8mins. With the later start, her naps weren’t too long like 2hrs  (35mins, 1hr 9mins and 1hr 16mins). Tonight the walk to get her to sleep was short but I had problem laying her in cot. Instead of resettling herself like previous nights she woke up and cried. It took me 4 or 5 tries to successfully get her to sleep in cot. I hope she hasn’t suddenly regressed and be difficult to put in cot again. I enjoyed the easy put down after the walk to sleep. Her night was late, now I’m not sure if I should let her sleep in or force her to get up around 9am since I should keep the start time consistent. The later up time wasn’t too bad today though. Hm…..think think.


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