Sleep training day 9

Last night wasn’t great, my daughter slept for 2hrs 40mins,  3hrs 6 mins, 1hr 46mins and 2hrs 40mins. She woke up energised after the 3hrs sleep and it was 5am. I got her to bed with me and fed her laying down. Luckily that got her back to sleep. The next time she woke I just hold her upright in bed and pat her back to sleep. I let her slept on top of me for a bit before putting her down next to me to continue with her sleep. We both slept in till 10:44am. I was too tired to get her up for an early start so hoping today won’t be too bad. Since we had an early start I can only fit in 2 naps so we don’t end our night after mid-night. I stretched her up time between putting her to nap. My daughter woke up at 6:33pm after her second nap which was great because I can end her night at 9:30pm. Unfortunately I didn’t time it properly, we fit in a walk around the block, video chat with my mother-in-law and a bath. By the time I want to do her massage she complained already so I jumped to feeding. My daughter was sooooo sleepy during the feed and I need to keep her up. At the time I was so tempted to just let her sleep during feed. That’s like the easiest option at the time to get her to sleep. No need to walk, no need to sing, no need to do anything else. But I didn’t. I’ve already spent 8 days keeping up with a routine that she has not gotten used to yet, I cannot stop here to confuse her. Sadly though, after I finished read her the book (already speed through it) she got overtired and became difficult to walk to sleep. She kept resisting and yelling. I’ve got frustrated and wished I could just tell her to sleep then she would be able to sleep on her own. I needed a break so I passed her to my husband to continue with the walking. I know she is tired and wanted to sleep because she kept rubbing her eyes. Why baby resists when they know they are tired? I don’t understand!!!! Together we walked for 30mins before we can get her to cot to sleep. By then it’s after 10pm. We should have finished her night at 9:30pm. Sigh.

Should I continue to start her day later? Or get her up for an earlier start? I guess I’ll have to see how she sleeps tonight. If she doesn’t have a long stretch like 4hrs then I’m moving her back to starting early. The lack of sleep is really getting to my emotion. I’ve got super jealous when my friend told me her daughter fell asleep by herself again tonight. Sigh. Don’t want to think about this now. I know I’m not alone with this sleep problem. We just need to do what we can to survive and make our days better.


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