Sleep training day 10

Well, last night was pretty bad. My daughter woke up every 2hrs and only did one 3hrs stretch. In the morning, Richard received a call and that woke her. I was too tired to care for her so I let Richard to take care of her while I tried to sleep more. Sadly my daughter kept on making noise and complains so I didn’t end up sleeping. Richard suggested to feed her in bed to get her to continue to sleep. It’s already 8am so did not do that. I got up eventually when Richard needs to go to work. I decided to nap with my daughter has her 1st nap. She slept for 37mins and I was too tired to get up to care for her so I ended up feeding her in bed. She continued to sleep for 2hrs after. Sigh. I wasn’t too impressed with my action as I am trying to break association between sleep and feed/breast. On the up side, I’ve got 2 extra hours of sleep.

With her 2nd nap, she did just a bit over an hour. Then came the troublesome 3rd nap. We went out for dinner tonight and I thought she can nap in the car and hopefully continue to nap while we eat. Father in law was sitting at the back and played with her through out the ride so nope no nap there. My parents were happy to see their grand daughter so they took turns to hold/play with her. She was over stimulated that by the time we got to hold her she wouldn’t sleep. Richard tried putting her in the pram where she played with a plastic cup for a while until she complained. Father in law walked around trying to get her to sleep but no go. I feared my daughter might get overtired and crashed since she had been up for over 3hrs. I walked around with her and eventually got her to sleep. It was short though which was ok since it was already 8:23pm when she woke up. Man, another night after 11pm. I’m not really sure what to do with this late night as dinner time is the most difficult to work around.

Tonight, I changed to another book. Reading Dr Suess’ ABC 9 times is getting boring. I changed to Cat in the Hat tonight. When I got to page 30, my daughter was rubbing her eyes and complained. I decided to stop there and to start walking her to sleep. She resisted. I get frustrated when she screams next to my ear and hope she doesn’t resist. I yelled out “Sleep now!” and all of a sudden she stopped complaining and fell asleep. Lol. Baby works in a mysterious way. They can go “argggggg….wahhhhhhhh” then fell asleep all of a sudden. I just wish they could cut out the resisting part and goes straight to bed. Putting her to cot also got difficult; cannot lay her down successfully first go. I tried 3 times tonight. Let’s hope she has a better sleep tonight that she woke up early. Please tell me early wake up time is the key to longer stretch at night.


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