Sleep training day 11

Last night was good but I cheated. My daughter woke up after less than 2hrs of sleep at the start and wanted cuddle. Whenever I put her back to cot she would wake up and cry. After 3 tries, I gave up and fed her to sleep. She slept for 3hrs after. I’m still trying to catch up on my sleep and it was cold last night, I’ve got her laying next to me to feed. My daughter had a 4hrs stretch in our bed. She woke me up a few times in the morning when she resettled herself while lifting legs and rubbing head on mattress. I was also sleeping in a really bad position where I was in middle between my husband and my daughter, right arm up and leaning half way back. I woke up with sore bones lol.

We started our day around 8:30am. Well, by start I mean we laid in bed as long as possible until my daughter complained being bored. With 1st nap, it took me 2 tries to get her to cot successfully and she slept for 1hr. It’s a little disappointing because I was hoping to catch up on some sleep while she napped. I stretched the wake time before 2nd nap because I want my daughter to finish her 3rd nap after 6pm then I can have another early night. 2nd nap she only slept for 38mins. Bummer! I’ll need to keep my daughter up for almost 3hrs before I can let her take her nap. To pass the time, I went out for a walk with her using a baby carrier and walk our dog too. It’s a bit hard to pick up poo poo while having a baby hanging in front of me. The weather was nice and my daughter was calm. I suspect if I walked for a bit longer she would have fallen asleep. When we got home, I kept her up for a bit longer. Bad move though. She got overtired and resisted me while I walked her to sleep. She started to yell next to my ear when she doesn’t want to sleep. It’s blood curling having needing to listen to screams. At night, I could see she was already tired before I get to feed her. She was so drowsy that I was tempted to just let her be and sleep, but that would have made our previous works for nothing. I kept her up and quickly finished reading her the book. She was resisting, yelling and screaming again. I was going  to lose it but tonight I took a deep breath and stayed calm. My daughter managed to sleep before 10pm!!! This gave me time to have a longer shower and put on a facial mask.

I wish she can start her night around this time every night!!


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