Banana helps with pooping?

This is going to gross you out but my daughter pooped while we were changing her nappy this morning. It stinks since it’s been in her system for a day or so!!! She’s pooping more solid poo now so at least it won’t projectile everywhere if she poops when I change her. It’s a big one and then not long after she did another big poop in the car. She hasn’t been pooping much for the last two days and I assumed it’s to do with the sweet potatoes she had. My friend told me banana helps with pooping but only needs to give a small amount like the size of the first section of your little finger. If you give babies more than that it might cause constipation instead.

We didn’t have time to give her solid for lunch today so couldn’t try out the banana theory again. I might try that again tomorrow to see if it helps with pooping. Since I’ve started to experiment with solid, I’m worry my girl will have constipation so better do something to help with pooping haha.


3 thoughts on “Banana helps with pooping?

    • Yup yup. But I read warnings online that banana might give babies constipation. I guess a little amount help but if more then might be no good. I gave her a bit yesterday and today she pooped like 4 times.

      • Yeah too much fibre (depends on type I think) can also cause constipation or diarrhoea… Need to get the right balance, which is probably harder for a small baby!

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