Sleep training day 12

My daughter punished me for having a relaxing night last night, she decided to get up every 2hrs or less. Last night wasn’t that cold so I’m not sure why she decided to get up so often. Each time I fed her back to sleep. It was a tough night.

Bad night or not there’s no sleep in for parents. Baby wakes up whenever they wish no matter how much or little sleep they’ve got the previous night. At around 8:40am my daughter woke and stayed up. Today is very messy with naps because we went out just as it’s time for my girl’s first nap. We planned to go to a cafe for breakfast but she did a poop on the way so we bought maccas take away and drove home. She fell asleep in the car and risking having a nappy rash bum, we carried her back to her cot for a nap. She only slept for 21mins. For her 2nd nap, we were out at Chadstone already and she fell asleep in the baby carrier and that’s 29mins. With her 3rd nap, we went back to my parents and she fell asleep while feeding. I didn’t keep her up this time because she needs her sleep but that was only 16mins. We also went out for dinner tonight which she had a 4th nap for 28mins. Together she didn’t sleep for that long today. My girl was pretty tired when I started reading her the book, a few pages in she was already complaining. Tonight we played some songs as I walked her to sleep and that only took a few minutes before she fell asleep on my shoulder. I’m not sure if it’s because of the music or she was just really tired. Either way, it’s good to get her to sleep quickly.

Tonight is warm, let’s hope she sleeps better.


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