Sleep training day 14

Last night was amazing! After the early episode of crying and then feeding to sleep, she was able to sleep for 5hrs after! Then 3hrs and 2.5hrs. This is the first time she actually slept for more 10hrs plus. Now I’m very confused about feeding my baby to sleep while a lot of sites and books suggested feeding to sleep is a no no, especially for a 5 months plus baby where they will wake FULLY after each sleep cycle and if they don’t know how to self settle then expect to wake up 4-6 times during the night. Maybe the action of burping and then lay my daughter to cot doesn’t count as feeding to sleep? But more to feed to drowsy with eyes closed and she actually settled herself to sleep? For the last 12 days I might have been a little too harsh for my baby to suddenly stop feeding before sleep but try to keep her up with reading and then walking. It is a sudden change and she might not like it. My friend also sent me an article from Kellymom (Breastfeeding to Sleep and Other Comfort Nursing) and I don’t feel so bad for feeding my baby to sleep last night. The author suggested baby will wean off feeding to sleep in their own time and it’s a developmental milestone. If there’s no problem feeding her to sleep and working for me then I can keep going with it. Hm…I was and am having sleep issue that’s why I tried new method but maybe setting earlier start, regular naps and sleeping early is the factor for better sleep? I think yesterday’s early night contribute to the good night sleep since many sites suggested a bed time of 7 to 7:30pm for a 5 months old baby. Although my daughter eventually slept properly at 9:43pm but her night was started at 8:43pm.

Today, not so lucky with getting her to sleep earlier because we went back to parents’ for Christmas gathering. My daughter had her 3 naps each around 40mins but the 3rd nap it took me nearly an hour to successfully get her to cot. It took me 20mins to walk her to sleep and then 30mins to get her to cot after 3 tries. The weird thing was on 3rd try when she was about to cry and protest when I just laid her in the portacot, my husband called and when she heard the ring tone she just calmed down and drifted back to sleep. Can a baby naturally prefers to have some music/sounds when sleeping apart from white noise that is? By the time my daughter woke up it’s already 7:40pm, sigh. We got home around 10:20pm and I went straight to feeding her hoping to get my daughter to sleep. She did get drowsy and drifted off while feeding but once unlatched and when I moved her to the vertical burping position, she woke up and be all energised. I tried followed through the motion like normal, feed, burp and moved to cot. While in cot she started talking and no sign of sleepiness. Our room was dark, sort of, we have the computer monitor screen on. Richard tried to walk her to sleep but she kept talking and screaming and touching her dad’s face. I then took over and moved to another room where there’s no light to walk her. She fell asleep pretty quickly actually but woke up when I transited her back to cot. Man, I really missed the days where she would just looked at you and then drifted back to sleep. I had to go back to the “dark room” to walk her back to sleep again. Luckily the transit to cot was successful or else I would have gotten very upset. Tonight I think the issue is that she’s over stimulated at my parents and I didn’t allow any cool down period before I fed her. Although feeding does have some calming effect but I don’t think it’s enough considering my girl is a pretty active baby. Another late night, sigh. I think I should aimed to somehow finished her nap before 5:30pm then keep her up until 8:30pm plus to sleep. The hardest part is the unpredictability of how long her nap is going to be. If she is up at 4pm from her nap, then I’m pretty stuffed as keeping her up for 4hrs plus might be a bad idea for her age. Each baby is different though and she might cope with a longer wake time. Let’s see how tomorrow’s flow goes. Fingers crossed for tonight.


Well, my husband just dropped the controller onto the table after he is back from shower. The noise no doubt woke the baby. Sigh. Hope this doesn’t affect the rest of her sleep. Not too pleased!


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