Sleep training day 15

It’s been two weeks since I started training and blogging about my daughter’s sleep. So far, haven’t seen real improvements yet and she regressed in being put down to cot. It might got to do with her going through her 5th leap (according to the wonder weeks app). Anyway, last night was normal. I ended up comfort nursing my daughter after she got woken up by the noise because she was screaming her head off wanting to go back to sleep. This got her to sleep for another 2hrs 4mins with the initial 1hr 32mins before she got woken up, then 3hrs 38min and then 1hr 50mins. I should really start putting them into spreadsheet for record keeping.

For the 1st nap I tried to walk her around  the usual 2hrs wake time. Surprise surprise, she resisted. I walked for 20mins where she fussed and let out little cry. Richard took after and got her to sleep in 10mins. Hm…was it because of the timing or she starting to resist me to walk her to sleep? Sigh. The nap didn’t last long because the wind blew down the play mat that I had against the window. The noise woke her and that was around 28mins of sleep. Not even a full cycle! With second nap I stretched her wake time a bit because I want her to wake around 5pm if possible. I want to keep her up for around 4hrs to start her night which means skipping 3rd nap. I was hoping for 2hrs nap but she woke 1hr 16mins after. Not too bad since I can start feeding her around 8:30pm to get her to sleep. That’s what I did. I started to feed her at 8:30pm where she had a good fed from one side. When I transit her to cot she woke up and fussed. Sigh, if she lift up her legs when I laid her in cot it means she is not going to settle. I fed her from the other side as well and still couldn’t get her to cot successfully. I ended up walking and trying for 3 more times. Ha! When I’ve decided to feed her to sleep she wants to walk, when I wanted to walk she wanted to feed. Baby!

Well, tonight it is considered to be early compare to her usual 10 to 11pm night. We got her to start her night at 9:17pm.

Sigh…just as I’m typing this she woke up crying. There goes my hope of having a long stretch.


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