Sleep training day 16

I’ll be brief today because my husband is still holding our daughter to sleep and couldn’t get her back to her cot. Last night was fun, she woke up around 2am and didn’t go back to sleep at 4am. At the end she fell asleep next to me when I turned on my phone to check the time. Somehow the light made her calm and slept right away. The stretch was pretty bad last night not to mention.

Today, got her down for her three naps while the 3rd nap she slept on her daddy’s shoulder because she won’t let us put her back to cot. Tonight was supposed to be a good night, despite she finishing her nap at 6:44pm she already fussed to sleep before 9:30pm. I fed her but that didn’t get her drunk enough to get to cot successfully. I tried three times then my husband took over. He couldn’t get her down as well. Each time she “jumped” and woke up crying. How can she regressed on being put to cot??!!! I’ve been through this for like 3 months during the early days. I’ve got to put up with it again??? This is really upsetting and frustrating.

I better stop here since we should continue to work on moving her back to cot or else it will be a cosleep night. Not saying it’s a bad thing but if we give in now, she might demands it from now on. I wish our baby is a low intensity and not really persistent baby, then we would have hope to train her to sleep in cot in a more peaceful manner.

If there is any advice out there, I would love to know please. Is this a phase??


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