Sleep training day 17

As mentioned in previous post that my husband was holding our daughter and couldn’t get her back to cot. He waited for an hour before trying again and luckily he got her in deep sleep so was successful. It’s always *fun* to pick up and do all the walking when putting to cot failed. Last night, including the holding to sleep into the first stretch, my daughter did 3hrs, 3hrs, 2hrs 36mins, 25mins and 1hr 33mins. With the 1hr 33mins, she fell asleep next to me while looking at my phone again. My phone has this magically power maybe? I don’t want to use it often in case it is my special move and need to save for emergency use.

We started our date late at around 10am so we incorporated two naps before ending the night. 1st nap, it took me 25mins to walk her to sleep because while I was walking downstairs (39 degrees today and downstairs has air-conditioning on) there were noises and drillings as my husband and father-in-law trying to install an air-conditioner in the in-laws’ room. I was surprised she managed to sleep through the noise for 1hr 12mins. 2nd nap, I’ve started walking her too soon although she was rubbing her eyes already. I did most of the walking while father-in-law helped a bit but I took over again after I heard her cried. Together the walk took an hour and 5 minutes. Yup! 65 bloody minutes!! Then 35mins into her nap, my husband got off the bed, mattress made noise and you’ve guessed it, my daughter woke up. I wasn’t too pleased since I was about to take a short nap. Her nap ended at 6pm so I guess we can have an earlier night.

After the bath, she was complaining wanting to sleep so I couldn’t carry with my routine of massaging her. I fed her, tried to burp her, popped her into the cot and wah wah she cried. I tried to feed her some more and then skipped the burping and slowly transited her back to cot. Success! I was worried though since she didn’t stir, she might wake up soon after realising she wasn’t in my arms any more. Yup! My fear was valid since she did wake up shortly after. Richard walked her back to sleep but needed to wait for 20mins before he could get her back to cot. 10mins later, she woke up crying again. This time was my turn to walk her. She’s slightly awake so took me a short while before she fell asleep again. I gently moved her back to cot and she’s been sleeping for 26mins so far. Fingers crossed she will start her long stretch now.

Today, I’ve been chatting to a friend telling her that it was just 3 months ago that I was so excited she slept for 3hrs without waking at night. Now, I’m like “damn it, why it’s not 4hrs or 5hrs”. She said she was surprise that I didn’t find 3hrs good already. To be honest, I’ve got greedy and selfish. I’ve had a taste of what’s like being 8.5hrs, 7hrs, 6hrs, 5hrs and 4hrs. The 8.5hrs and 7hrs were once off. The rest were rare too. At the back of my mind, I think my daughter can sleep for longer but she just couldn’t somehow. Also, I want to be able to say to my other mummy friends that my daughter is able to sleep as long as their babies. Mine being the oldest out of the group and obviously not the best sleeper. I’m happy with my girl’s development so I should let her lead and she will sleep better in her own time.

Ok. I better stop typing as my girl is stirring next to me and I don’t want my typing to wake her. Good night people!


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