Sleep training day 18

I am typing this on my phone because I can’t get my laptop out as my daughter decides to not sleep right now. I placed her back in her cot and let’s see when she will start to complain.  She has been up for an hour already but tonight we ended her night earlier than usual – 8.30pm – because her second nap ended around 4.20pm. Last night, she was the same to have woken up around midnight and didn’t sleep until an hour later. I ended up feeding her to sleep in bed.  Just checked the record, she actually woke up the same time last night. Please don’t tell me this is going to be a habit of hers.

Well, last night wasn’t great as you can tell. She woke up 4 times before staying up and once she fell asleep again, she did 1hr 48min, 3hrs and 2hrs. We started our day at 8.30am. To make sure she has less protest when I walk her to sleep,  I let her stayed up for 2hrs 40mins before start working her.  It worked as she didn’t fuss much and be done in 10mins. She slept for 1.5hrs and only woken up when I went in to check on her.  With second nap, we let her sleep on the play mat in the living room because upstairs was too hot. Unfortunately my father in law slides the door and woke her after 30mins. I wasn’t too pleased because 4.20pm is an awkward time where she can’t have 3rd nap and need to stretch long enough for us to finish dinner before starting her night. By the time we bathed her my daughter got overtired already. I fed her and popped her to cot. The dog then woke her with barking 30mins in. Sigh.  I got her back to sleep but woke again in 30mins. Then she slept for 1hr 40min-ish and be up now.

I fed her just then and no sign begin tired. I want to sleep already.

She is fussing now…. Sigh. Going to be a long night.

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