Sleep training day 19

As mentioned in previous post that my daughter woke up and not sleep, she ended up sleeping around 2am. I fed her while sitting and she wasn’t sleepy at all, I moved on to feeding laying down and she fell asleep. This is my special weapon that it will get her to sleep when she is tired but refusing. A down side is I might fell asleep as well and then my daughter would latched on for over an hour, sometimes she would have unlatched by herself sooner. Since then the sleep was average. My daughter did around 1.5hrs, 2.5hrs, 2hrs and 1hr 45mins. This is like back to the early days *sad laugh*.

We started our day at 9am today. We let her had her first nap at home before going out so we don’t interrupted her day too much now that we only have 2 naps a day.  In theory she should have 3 naps a day but we don’t start our day at 7am and my daughter doesn’t sleep every 2hrs. I think I have mentioned this before that from online resources they said babies my daughter’s age generally go to sleep every 1 to 2hrs.  Nope, even 2hrs too early for her.  Every baby is unique and it is us as parents that know our baby best.  Don’t feel bad if your baby doesn’t do what the books said because they are here as guide and not rules that must follow. We need to adjust to do what works best for both the family and the baby.  Anyway, my daughter slept for 42mins for her first nap. It isn’t as long as I have hoped. With her second nap, she slept in the baby carrier for 35mins. She woke up at 4.20pm which is the same time as yesterday. I know I will be in for a treat of an over tired baby tonight because we won’t be able to get her to bed by 8.30pm.

As expected, my daughter was already overtired when she was having her bath. My husband quickly dressed her and I fed her to sleep. Tonight, I am the stupid one for waking her. I was going to remove my phone charger and then will move to the other room. The charger tapped on the cot and being super sensitive to sound lately that now doubt had woken her. I couldn’t get her back to cot for the first two tries. I let her slept on top of me for a while until she is super sleepy enough to move back to cot. I fell asleep while doing so. Around 40mins I woke up and was able to move her back to cot then I went back to sleep. An hour later I woke up and went to have a shower. I heard baby crying when I was able to blow dry my hair. I came back into the room and my husband said he couldn’t get her back to cot and she was awake shortly I went to have my shower. I gave her a little feed and waited a bit before transiting her back to cot. Good thing is she isn’t awake fully like the previous two nights! Hope she has a longer stretch tonight. Fingers crossed.


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