Sleep training day 21

Last night I considered a better night since she didn’t wake up and stayed up for 2hrs. However she did wake up every 2hrs or so with one almost 3hrs stretch.

We started our day around 9.30am which works out good because we need to bring our daughter for her 6 months vaccination today. We went to Coles to quickly grabbed what we needed and headed home because it is time for her nap. My daughter fell asleep in the car and I was able to transfer her back to her portacot at my parents. She slept for 1hr 48mins in total. It might be due to the vaccination that’s she napped longer than usual. For her second nap, she already cried and fussed wanting to sleep after being awake for 2hrs. I walked her to sleep and she slept for an hour; up at 6pm.  It is good timing as we don’t need to start her night too late.

My daughter became unsettled after arriving home and even broke into a loud cry. She was crying when I tried to feed her to sleep. My husband and I took turn to hold her and I tried to feed her again. She finally fell asleep but cried when I moved her to my shoulder to burp her.  I let her slept on top of me for a while before I moved her back to cot. She let our a little protest and luckily I was able to pat her back to sleep in her cot.

I hope she will be alright tonight and sleep longer since vaccination can make her more sleepy today.  Fingers crossed.


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