Sleep training day 22

Well, let’s forget about last night. My daughter was very clingy and wanted cuddle after the vaccination. My husband and I just couldn’t put her back to cot. We both took turns to hold her to sleep. When we tried to put her to cot, she might seem to have fallen asleep but be crying in a few minutes later. She might be in pain. For the second half of the night I just fed her to sleep in bed and whatever.  I was too tired to have any determination to get her back to cot or to walk her.

Today, we started our day at 8.30am. First and second nap only lasted 30mins or so. My daughter is still unwell from the vaccination because for her second nap, she only stayed up for 2hrs and was easy to walk her. For the 3rd nap, I did feed her before getting her down for nap because we went out to dinner tonight. So better be full and sleep as much as possible before needing to go out. With that she slept for around 40mins.  When we got home from dinner,  my daughter already fussed wanting to sleep.  I wonder if the earlier bed time is to do with vaccination or that we have been trying to get her to sleep earlier for the last 6 nights.  She did wake up once already because I need to get our dog back on bed. Now she is back to cot sleeping. Will tonight finally be a better night?


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