Ideas for baby food recipe?

We went to the maternal nurse yesterday and my daughter is growing well. She is now 8kg with average height lol so still a little on the heavy side. The maternal nurse we can start my daughter on 3 solid meals a day and by 9 months she should be sitting on high chair having finger food. I don’t see there will be a problem with finger food since I already gave her a spoon to teach her to feed herself. Of course not that she can scoop food off a bowl, I put some food onto the spoon and she will put it into her mouth.  This is how I tricked her into eating some carrot puree mixed with rice cereal. If she doesn’t like certain food she won’t let me feed her and sometimes she will even pull away her own spoon to not have any at all. I need to think of what to make and feed her. In the morning I tried oats with prune (one that comes in a packet) and she doesn’t really like it. She only had a couple of spoon and no more. My daughter will cry if I tried to feed her more of what she doesn’t enjoy. Oh well, I will try again in a couple of weeks. This afternoon I fed her some banana. Since I can’t feed her too much I thought to give her a bit of avocado to try again. My daughter already cry after I fed her the first spoon. Oh well, no avocado for her for a couple or weeks as well. She enjoyed rice cereal but can’t have that every meal. We don’t have apple or pear at home. My friend suggested to fridge the puree before feeding because the weather is so hot and it can cool down their body temperature. She say can be down with banana too so I might give that a go tomorrow. Oh she suggested mango too but only very small amount as baby can react to it. I missed mango so I guess Two spoons for her then two spoons for me hehehe.

For tomorrow I am thinking of doing steamed egg for lunch since it has smooth texture and can let her try egg. I wonder if she is going to like it. I need more ideas!!


2 thoughts on “Ideas for baby food recipe?

  1. When I was younger, my mum used to make me a different congee everyday. Like I think she would really boil down the meats (chicken, beef, fish, etc), so they would become puree-like. It does sound like a lot of effort though.

    • Yeah we will start on that soon but we just tried something new (mango and steamed egg) today so need to wait a couple of days before starting on the congee. Easiest I believe is to have fish congee, next I can start pureeing the chicken to put in congee.

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