Sleep training 23 and 24

Last night I was having difficulty putting my daughter back to cot after she woke 30mins from her sleep so I didn’t have the time and energy to type up my day.  So two nights ago, my daughter still woke up frequent but at least I was able to put her back to cot.  She slept for 42mins, 1hr, 1.5hrs, 2hrs, 3hrs and 1hr.  It seems like she was getting better lol.  Yesterday she had two naps and each was an hour long. I thought I would have a good night but my daughter got overtired by the time I got her to bed at 8.45pm, from then she woke up every hour through out the night.  At 4am, I was too tired to get her back to cot so I have got her to sleep on top of me and thought that could at least give me two hours of sleep. How wrong was I! She woke up twice in an hour so I got her to feed on feed.  That sleep went over an hour but still less than two and then it was time to get up. You can imagine how drained I would be today.

Today with her first nap,  when it was coming close to the end of her first sleep cycle my dog barked and woke her. So, first nap only 40mins. We went out around the time when she was due for her second nap and thought she can sleep while we shop. My daughter decided to fall asleep in the car and then not sleep anymore when we woke her by taking her out from her seat. We are going to a friend’s Christmas gathering tonight so I need my daughter to do a 3rd nap so we can stay out a bit. By the time we got home she was tired and it was time to feed her so I let her fell asleep while feeding. Surprisingly she slept so well in this nap that I needed to wake her at 7pm it else she would not want to sleep. She actually slept for 1.5hrs. Maybe she is enjoying the cool breeze from the newly installed air-con by her father. Well done hubby!

I was planning to wait for a friend to show up at the gathering so we can celebrate her marriage. My daughter already quiet down and ready to sleep when my husband was holding her and walking a bit. My husband suggested we should go home or else it will be another tiring night so we left. My daughter got fussy in the car. It seems like it becomes rare that she falls asleep in the car and mostly fussing when she wants to sleep. She can go on for 35mins nonstop! When we got home,  I fed her and she fell asleep.  Luckily I was able to transfer her back to cot without her waking and crying. Let’s see how she goes tonight. I really need a nice rest because I am getting cranky and upset when my daughter cries. I feel guilty so I need to recover and be there for my daughter 24/7.


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