Mango and steamed egg for baby

In terms of feeding today is quite exciting. We fridge some mango and decided to let our daughter tried a little today to cool down from the heat. I think she liked it although she didn’t finish the full proportion that we have prepared for her. Baby can’t eat too much mango at once since they might react to it and have rash on their face. So far, no red dots on my baby’s face. We shouldn’t try two new things at once but in the afternoon my husband made steamed egg (mixed egg with milk, steam in a pot with hot water for 6 mins). We need to be sure the egg is cooked fully since she can’t have raw eggs. We also put in the fridge to cool it off before offering it to her for lunch. The steamed egg wasn’t as smooth as hope so I mashed it up to small lumps before feeding. My daughter seems to like it since she ate all of what I have offered. Yay! We have next two days’ lunch sorted, steamed egg it is.

I also want to try broccoli and baby carrots. For dinner we might start to make her fish congee (congee is like rice porridge and very common for Asian countries to feed to their babies) then slowly introduce blended chicken, beef and lastly pork. To be honest, my daughter started to feed on less on her own during the day. She might even cry when I try to feed her some more due to hot weather but she feeds more attention night to get back to sleep. I know I know she is using me for comfort. Do I really want to deny her this bonding time where it will probably be over in 2 years? It is very little time compare to all the years ahead for my little girl. Anyhoo, I need to get some watermelon soon for the hot weather soon. 


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