Sleep training day 25

Last night my daughter woke up frequent again. The longest stretch I believe is around 2.5hrs. I have been thinking today, am I really sleep training her? Or just wish one day she will magically be better? Earlier on I did try to set out new routine and earlier start but that fell through the crack because she got angry at night by the time I read her a book.  Also, we tend to be in a cycle of early start and late finish. Then we worked on the nap time that if she is up after 4.30pm, no more nap until bed time.  This seems to have shifted my daughter’s sleep time to before 10pm usually (unlike last night because we went out). This didn’t give me anymore long stretch at night though and we would start our  day around 9am instead of 11am like before we start the training. Schedule wise it is better but sleep wise it is not. With stories I read online, people should have seen result by now instead of the waking up hourly or two hourly. One thing I know I failed on not being able to teach her how to sleep properly. I fed or walk her to sleep instead of her learning how to settle herself. I can’t stand my baby cry and not pick her up especially she will scream now, putting her down to cot while drowsy but awake is very difficult. I feel guilty and wrong for not being able to teach her this skill to sleep. On my spare times, I like to read up on baby sleeps and wonder if I need professional help. Reading on others’ success stories makes professional help very tempting. I don’t know, I guess I will consider when I can’t take this anymore. My daughter might surprise me by learning how to sleep all by herself, although the chance is slime considering her characteristics. She will sure to let you know when she is upset about something and won’t bottled it up nor would it be a soft cry.

Today, she had two naps.  The first one was only 32mins and the second one started off with 35mins and then I fed her back to sleep because I was exhausted and couldn’t get up to look after her for another 4hrs. This gave me an hour more of nap time. I have been using this a lot lately, although not happy about it but this is the only way that will give me more sleep time.

Is there any tips on how to get a baby down drowsy and awake without protest? I would love to get her to learn to sleep by herself so mummy gets more rest.


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