Sleep training day 26

Last night is a little better because my daughter did one 3hrs and a couple of 2hrs. Today she woke up early at 8am and didn’t want to go back to sleep so I have to get up too. My daughter did well with naps today and for the first two she already fussed to sleep after being up for around 2hrs. First nap she slept for 1.5hrs and 2nd for 54mins. I want her to do a 3rd nap not only because she finished her second nap around 3pm, we need to go out tonight to a gathering. I tried to walk her too early as I was eager to get her to sleep so we can head out early when she finished her nap. She slept passed 7pm so I needed to wake her again. My daughter seems to sense that we need to go out so she sleeps better. This 3rd nap she did 1hr 5mins. That’s the longest naps in total for one day so far.

We got home around 10.30pm and I fed her to sleep. Unfortunately I failed to put her in cot and she woke up totally. I thought instead of picking her up we might try to see if she will sleep by herself. I gave her a dummy to play with and patted her tummy. She wasn’t fussy and I thought she might be able to do it. Nope, she eventually gave up playing with the dummy and started to cry because she wants to sleep but don’t know how. I picked her up and she fell asleep quickly on my shoulder. I had her on me for a while before I put her back to cot. She had such good naps today I wonder if it can help her with longer stretch tonight. Never give up on hoping.


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