Sleep training day 27

Last night my daughter was up every 2hrs through out and in the morning I was too tired to get up so fed her to keep her in bed. We started our day a bit later around 10am. She only had one nap today because surprisingly my daughter slept for almost 3hrs today so she woke up a bit after 4pm. No time to do a 2nd nap.

We went to my parents tonight for dinner, my daughter fell asleep in the car on the way home although I tried to keep her awake. When I got her out of the car she fell back asleep in my arms but I failed to get her back to cot. I decided to give her a feed and again failed to transit back to cot. Getting my daughter to sleep at night is stressful for me now because I am not confindent to get her back to cot and for her to have a long stretch of sleep. Took me an hour or so without success to move her back to cot and I even waited till she was in a deeper sleep before moving. My husband decided it is time to teach her how to sleep on her own since she knows how to sleep without being hold in the car despite movement and car noise. It was a long process of picking up to sooth and put down when calm (we are doing the pick up and put down approach). My daughter has learnt to cry and scream after being picked up so took longer to sooth her. Then she decided it is up time after we got her back to bed calm. We kept her in cot while we pat and shhh and sang, she just played and talked. We picked her up again when she began to fuss and walked her to being drowsy. During the time I was singing ABC over and over again so she can use that as a cue for sleep. My throat went dried and my brain went numbed. I tried to put her down and she woke up again, of course I gave patting a go before picking her up from screaming. So I walked again and waited till she closed her eyes again. Nope, still screaming. Alright, this time I walked longer and waited a bit before trying to slowly get her to cot. I guess she was very tiring from the ‘training’ and finally let me get her to cot (although I think she just fell asleep and didn’t realise I moved her). Around 20mins later she woke up crying. I went back to usual of walking and then waited a little before moving to cot. I didn’t wait too long though and was able to get her back to cot.

This is cot training all over again. I will need to be persistent and keep this up and not let it regress too much. One day, I am sure one day soon my daughter will learn to sleep on her own.


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