Sleep training day 28

After the episode of crying and trying to put to cot, my daughter woke up every 2hrs it less after that. She woke up before 8am to start her day. I thought maybe I can squeeze in 3 naps today but it was horrible trying to get her to take her first nap. It took me around an hour and for the first 20 to 25mins or more crying and screaming. Could last night’s traumatised her? However she did take 1hr 38mins of nap but I got her to big bed in the other room since there was drilling outside of our room.

2nd nap she had it at my parents’ but only for 30mins. Tonight we had dinner late so already skipped bath for my daughter (she had one last night so not too dirty lol). By the time she finished her dinner she was already fussing to go to sleep. My husband finished dinner so he walked her to sleep while I finished dinner. I stayed away from our room while she slept but she still woke up not long after then it was another 2hrs of battle trying to get her to sleep. At one point I fed her and moved her to cot, before she protested I patted her and she calmed down (surprised!). I kept patting until I thought it was safe to stop but before I could get one leg off the bed she woke up crying again. I was going to get changed and sleep. After so many nights of bad sleep I am really exhausted and actually a little dizzy. I left her in the cot while laying close to her in our bed hoping it will get her to sleep. It happened few months before that I fell asleep and she fell asleep on her own next to me. She used to be able to fall asleep in our bed with me but that’s long gone. She fussed after a while and I was too tired to do anything. My husband got her while I went to shower. I was happy to find my daughter sleeping in the cot when I get back to the room but just as I was typing this post she woke up again so i had to put away my phone and get her to sleep again. I get nervous putting her to cot now since she got heavier so harder for me to get her back to cot gently. My height is not really helping either needing to bed over the tall side of the cot. I missed the days where I could just put her to cot and she would fall asleep like that.

I am foreseeing a long tiring night so I better get some sleep now to battle on. Good night!


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