Sleep training day 29

It is like a routine that my daughter’s sleep is bad for the first part of the night where she will wake up very frequent and then the rest of the night is every 2hrs. To be honest I feel like a failure. Why won’t my daughter sleep better? Is it something that I have done to cause this? Is it some developmental milestone that I am missing? Possibly teething? Please tell me this is a phase! For 6 months I only had 3 good nights sleep and the lack of sleep is really getting to me.

Today, my daughter had two naps. The first one was around an hour if I count the time she slept on my husband’s shoulder. My husband was able to get her to sleep but unable to put her to cot so he transfer our daughter to me to put to cot. With second nap, she only slept for 30mins in her own cot and woke up at 4pm. That’s a really bad time since I won’t be able to get her to sleep by 8pm and I was really tired since I napped while she napped, so I got her to bed to feed back asleep. My daughter then slept for another 1.5hr. She woke up when my husband came home from badminton. She knows when her daddy is home.

Tonight, we got her to sleep before she was overtired. Sadly, she only slept for 15mins and then my husband walked her back to sleep. It took a while though and we didn’t let her play this time. My husband got her to cot unsuccessfully so I picked her up to get her back to sleep before moving to cot. Good thing was my husband already got her drowsy so easy for me to walk her back to sleep. This time she only slept for 7mins and I was able to quickly soothed her and back to cot she went. I went to shower and she was still sleeping then. My throat was really dry and itch so I let out a cough,  this startled her and she let out a cry. Then all quiet for a minute and up she went. Could it be my cough that woke her? Maybe. Then it was another battle to get her back to cot. I was soooooo closed, got her legs down and just need to lower her head. I gave up and decided to feed her. Sigh, long gone the days where I can just feed and pop her to bed. I decided to get into the cot with her before putting her down. Well, it worked but I was also stuck. Her legs were on top of mine and I needed to move very slowly to get out. So far she is still sleeping for like 20mins maybe? Please please please keep her sleeping for like 3hrs. I really need the long stretch back.


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