Sleep training day 30

Maybe I should rename this to sleep blog instead of sleep training since I am not really training. Day by day I am doing the same thing and hoping for the same thing – longer stretch at night. Last night actually wasn’t that bad compare to previous nights. My daughter slept for over 2hrs for each stretch and one was nearly 3hrs. Maybe me getting in cot made her felt secure, not sure. One thing I noticed is that when my daughter is up when I am getting her to cot is that she will lift her head and legs, like reverse plank. Maybe this got her harder to settle when getting to cot since before she would still have head touching the mattress.

Today, my daughter woke up at 7.46am. Too early for me but she just didn’t want to go back to sleep. First two naps was good, I was able to walk her to sleep in around 20mins and be in cot. Both naps were over an hour long. 2nd nap ended at 3.30pm ish so I needed to add in another nap since I won’t be able to start her night too early. My daughter showed tired signs with yawning and rubbing eyes but still took me 30mins to walk her to sleep. Her nap was around 35mins long. Not very economical where I need to walk 30mins to get 35mins sleep out of her.

My daughter is learning to crawl so she was very active tonight and was hoping to tire her out. I needed to wait till 10pm to start her night because she woke up at around 7.15pm. I fed her and then get her to cot. I thought tonight she won’t wake too early since she isn’t overtired! Less than an hour and she was awake crying. Oh well, better than last few nights where she woke around 20mins of sleep. We got her back to cot now, she let out a few cries but managed to go back to sleep herself. Fingers crossed tonight will be a good night.


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