Sleep training day 31

Last night wasn’t too bad after the short stretch at the start. My daughter had a 3hrs and 2.5hrs stretch. She woke up around the same time as yesterday so I know when to start walking her. Although time varied a little because I let her stayed up a bit longer before walking her for her 1sf nap. It only took 10mins and she slept for an hour. With her second nap, we went out to lunch so we headed back home for a nappy change before walking her. It was a longer stretch than yesterday again and it took around 20mins to walk her. She slept for 41mins. We need to add in a 3rd nap or else too much stretching. It only took 6mins to actually walked her to sleep but needed 15mins to be sure she was asleep and be put down to cot. 3rd nap lasted for 30mins. The duration isn’t too bad today and worked out fine because we headed to a friend’s for new year party. I stretched her wake up a bit before heading home to start her night. Tonight after feeding her I was too lazy to get up so I climbed into the cot to put her down. It is a success on first go but fingers crossed she sleeps OK.

2015 is almost over. This year is certainly  full of joy and excitement! I have became a wife and a mother. Last year this time I was drinking at a friend’s party waiting to count down. This year I sit silently in bed in the dark waiting for midnight to strike with my little one (hopefully)  sleeping next to me in cot. I am sure 2016 will be another awesome year with a lot of laughter and love.

EDIT: what am I saying? I was pregnant this time last year! I wasn’t drinking at all!

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