Sleep training day 62

Nothing magically improve overnight. My daughter gave me two 2hrs stretch and the rest hourly. This morning she woke up at 6am and won’t sleep. Then I realised she had leaked pee to her onesie and turned on night to change her. At 7am I tried to feed her in bed again and got her to sleep for another hour.

Today, the morning nap was good. I reverted back to playing music as I walked her to sleep and she fell asleep pretty quickly (although my husband tried for 20mins first). She napped for 1hr 40mins. This is a pretty good duration and I am guessing she was catching up on her sleep. We went to badminton in the afternoon. And it took me a long time to walk her to sleep because there were noise and other distractions. We successfully transferred her back to carseat in the car but when we arrived my parents, she woke when we moved her out. So, her second nap was short for 25mins.

Tonight, we bathed her, read to her and fed her to sleep around 8.45pm. It is nearly an hour and so far no crying that needs pick up. She did let out a cry when she rolled to her side. I guess this is a phase that we need to deal with. Just wish this phase will be over soon! I need sleep. We all need sleep.


Sleep training day 61

Last night was actually ok for me. My daughter did a 2hrs and a 2hrs 40mins, already an improvement from hourly. Today I was successful in walking my daughter to sleep for her two naps. Her up time was longer than 3hrs though since she showed no sign of being tired. In fact she was all energetic of crawling and trying to pull herself up from sofa. With her 1st nap, she only slept for half an hour. I walked her back to sleep but she grabbed my arm as I laid her in cot. She woke when I tried to slide my arm out and didn’t want to go back to sleep. With her second nap she slept for 1hr 39mins. Not bad at all!

Tonight, we got her to sleep before 9pm but she woke up once already. I hope she can sleep longer. She has dark circle under her eyes 😦 it isn’t normal right?


Sleep training day 60

Last night was considered to be a better night despite my daughter sleeping late. She did 1.5hrs to 2hrs. In the morning I fed her in bed to squeeze another hour out of her to get to 7.45am.

Today, with my daughter’s first nap I I had to feed her to sleep because she won’t stop crying. She didn’t sleep long though, less than an hour. With second nap I was determine to walk her to sleep so I let her play till tired instead starting 3hrs up time. I think she went over 4hrs and I was able to walk her to sleep instead of feed. She slept for 40mins ish.

Tonight, she went to bed around 9pm and woke up twice already. She wants cuddle and then cried like she is in pain (possibly from teething) and I need to feed to sooth her. Let’s see how tonight is going to be like. Fingers crossed.


Sleep training day 59

Well, after the frequent wake up before 12am,  my daughter decided to get up at 1am and not sleep till 3am but still start her day at 7am. She slept for around 6hrs maybe. I can see the dark circle under her eyes.

Today she was a bit cranky. Both nap won’t let me walk her and need feeding. Sigh, bad habit coming back fast. My daughter decided to catch up on her sleep where she slept for almost 2hrs for 1st nap and then 1.5hrs for second.

Tonight not a good night though. We started her night at 8pm which she fell asleep while feeding as usual but woke when I got her to cot. We tried walking for 30mins, I even let my husband walked her while I leave the room. She cried hard so I came back and gave her another feed. Failed to get her to cot again but this time she woke up energised and just wanted to play. Sigh. Almost 2hrs she is up before I gave her another feed and finally got her to cot.

I don’t want to introduce association between breasts and sleep but that’s what she demanded today. How to wean her off this and go back to walking? Her cry was getting close to screaming, hard to annoy. Please let her be in good mood tomorrow and allow me to walk her to sleep. I need to achieve something.


Sleep training day 57

Last night was the same with 1 to 2hrs wake up. I might have to lower my expectation to say more than an hour is good. Today, my daughter decided to have 3 short naps, all around 30mins with the last nap I needed to feed her to sleep so won’t be too late. We end her day by 9pm. So far she had woken up once when I came back from shower. I thought I was gentle already! My daughter would roll to her side to sleep when I laid her down. My friend considered this as sleeping by herself. Sadly the stretch is not long though! Now I am staying in the room and won’t make any noise. Let’s hope she will sleep better.


Sleep training day 55 and 56

I am on the edge with the very little sleep I have been getting. No surprise she had been sleeping poorly for the last two nights. Day naps were good though. Both days did nearly 4hrs. Was it because too much sleep? One thing to explain could be my daughter is teething. I could see her tooth beneath her gum but not yet broke out. Sigh. More days of poor sleep coming. Why can’t she been a gentle baby lol. Oh well… A couple more years then I can see light. Or be like my friend’s daughter to magically be better at 11 months. I am waiting.


Sleep training day 53 and 54

I was too tired yesterday to blog again. The night before she was back to every hour after giving me a 2hr stretch. Yesterday she woke up early so ended up needing 3 naps and pushed her night late. She did do one 2hrs 45mins while sleeping in our bed. She did a big roll and slept on her tummy then my husband cuddled her to sleep while being on the edge of bed himself. After that it was less than 2hrs. This morning I fed her in bed again sigh. My daughter started her day early around 7.30am. She had a long nap for her first nap. She was overtired so I fed her to sleep. She slept for an hour then I fed her again and she went back to sleep. Together she slept for around 3hrs. It is rare that she does this long of a stretch. Then at 4.20pm ish. I fed her and she wanted to sleep again. I already fed her early to not clash with nap time. Maybe she is really tired and need to catch up on sleep. She did another hour of nap.

Tonight however is not going to great. We started her night at 8.48pm. Failed to get her to cot and she became fully awake. I tried to walk her still and she cried and fussed. She continued to cry when I laid her in cot. My husband took over and still walking her to sleep. So far no sign of drowsiness. Hope she can sleep soon. I get really annoyed when she resisted me because I am the one that mostly get her to sleep and exclusively breastfeed her. Why would she resists me?! Argh….. Think it is also the lack of sleep talking. Sigh. Give me a few nights of good sleep to recover please.


Sleep training day 51

Last night was actually the better night. My daughter did mostly 2hrs stretch instead hourly. That’s an improvement right?

My daughter wasn’t feeling well today. She has a little constipated again because I need to hold her legs to help her poo this morning. It took a while! Her tummy might be uncomfortable so very clingy and fussy. She wants daddy the whole time. Ha! Why not like this at night so daddy can sooth her too! With first nap i needed to feed her to sleep because she was crying hard when I fed her breakfast. She only had two spoons. She slept for 1.5h though. With second nap, she slept 1.5h again.

Tonight, she already fussed wanting to sleep after bath. She did a big poop before bath time. Maybe all the pooping today made her tired. Sadly though she already woke up twice since I got her to sleep around 8.30pm. I am actually feeding her now as I am typing this. Sigh. Maybe it is going to be another tiring night. She did well with last two night… First stretch to be over 2hr… Not tonight though. Sigh. One day… She will sleep through.


Sleep training day 51

Last night after the vomit she woke up 38mins after I fed her to sleep. Considering she might be unwell I moved her to bed with me. It was a good stretch of 2hrs 49mins before my husband climbed into bed and woke her. Oh well, we’ll never find out how long she would have slept for. Since my husband was back in bed I fed my daughter and got her back to cot. She did 2hrs and then 1hr. Up at before 6am wanting to latch on to sleep which I didn’t let her. She ended up crying and won’t let me walk her to sleep despite she was tired. She won’t stop crying so I tried feeding again and omg, she won’t sleep at all. She was rolling around in my bed and then sat up by herself to play. When it was closed to 7am I couldn’t handled it anymore so I fed her laying down. It finally calmed her and she went back to sleep till 8:35am.

Today, her first nap wasn’t good. We were meeting a friend for lunch so thought to get my daughter to sleep in the car while we drove there. Sigh. Bad decision. She was crying for 25mins until we got the restaurant where it took me 10mins plus to walk her to sleep. Pram isn’t as comfy as cot of course so she only slept for 30mins. With the second nap, this time she was calmed and fell asleep quickly in the car. When we arrived home I moved her back to cot and she had a total of 1hr 18mins nap. Late start of the day pushed her bed time till after 9pm.

Tonight, I won’t make the same mistake of trying to get her to sleep early. She was playing in the in-laws’ room while I had my shower. Mother in law came in to return her to me and it was after 9pm. It was a good time to start her night. I changed her nappy, read her two books (short ones) and fed her. Phew, luckily she fell asleep tonight and not be all energised. I actually like changing nappy as part of the routine but sometimes it’s hard if she did a poo before bed time then it would be a waste to change her nappy again. I’m not going to pretend to change her nappy because once I pulled it off it will be hard to get it back on. She loves to roll and crawl off when changing her nappy. I need to find a new toy to distract her every time! Anyway, let’s hope she is better at sleeping.