Sleep training day 32

I wished my daughter could start the new year fresh with longer stretches at night but that can only stay as a wish. Last night she woke up every 2hrs and up at 8am this morning. She has three naps and surprisingly she didn’t fight me at all when I walked her and only took 5 to 7mins to get her to sleep. That’s a record time. I kept her up for 2hrs 45mins before I start walking her today. For the first nap she slept for an hour more but second nap only 20mins. With her 3rd nap she was getting toward the hour mark and getting late as well so I needed to wake up. My daughter totally ignored me when I called her name or pull away her blanket and hugging pillow. I even used her huggsie to gently tapped her. I wish she can sleep this deeply at night! Soft sound can wakes her at night! I decided to give up thinking this might be her natural bed time. I went out of my room and told my father in law that she is still sleeping. He said could be her short nap before then I heard her cry. Lol. Either me getting out of the room or my father in law’s voice woke her. No idea but good that she was awake. It was around 7.30pm so I expected another late night.

To start my daughter’s night I started to feed her at 10.20pm. When she fell asleep and transferred to cot, she wanted to get to her side and woke up. I stopped her from moving and put a hand on her chest while my head next to her head (I did that because I was scared to see her awake lol). Surprisingly my daughter fell back asleep like that. Phew. It’s been 43mins and she just let out a little cry in her sleep. My heart skipped a beat. I am going to sleep now and not to make any sound!


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