Sleep training day 33

Last night was ok. My daughter did one 3hrs 20mins stretch which I praised her for when I picked up to feed her. The rest was 2hrs or less. Today, my daughter did fantastic naps. For the 1st nap, she was so sleepy that once I picked her up she fell asleep on my shoulder already. I was able to get her to cot without trouble (I still did one loop of the walk just to be sure she was asleep). She ended up sleeping for 2.5hrs! With her second nap, it took me 8mins to walk her to sleep which isn’t bad at all and she slept for just short of an hour. She finished her nap at 4.40pm and it’s excellent to start her night before 8pm. We are shifting our dinner to earlier so my daughter can get use to the new schedule which is to eat around 6pm then aim to sleep around 8pm. Of course, it will be rare to be successful on first try. We did get her to sleep at 8pm but she woke up at 8.26pm then won’t go back to sleep. She treated it as a nap…. Sigh. I let her play in cot to see if it will tired her out and be able to sleep by herself (no harm to hope). She rolled and crawled all over the cot grabbing toys here and there. Around 9pm I did try to walk her back to sleep and I thought I was successful. To increase the success rate I even climbed into the cot to lay her, but once she hits the mattress she was all energised to go again. Talking and moving and more talking. Around 10pm she started to fuss and we couldn’t walked her to sleep. I was already feeling frustrated that she didn’t sleep and won’t sleep by herself (not her fault I know, since it is something we haven’t taught her). I ended up just feeding her to sleep. When I get her to cot she opened her eyes, I thought shxt is she going to wake? Luckily she didn’t move and I patted her chest, and she closed her eyes to sleep. Another late night that I am not happy about. Let’s hope she can do longer tonight since technically I didn’t feed her to fully sleep right? Right???


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