Sleep training day 34

I shouldn’t have complained about 3hrs stretch a short while ago. I missed them and wish they would come back. My daughter woke every 2hrs and then up at 7.30am. What?! Doesn’t she need sleep for energy? What does she run on? The fun of sucking the life out of her parents probably. I got into her cot this morning hoping being next to her she might fall back asleep. Oh how nice that would be. I know if I feed her while laying down it would get her back to sleep but I don’t want to push her start of the day till too late. So, up we go.

My daughter squeezed in 3 naps today. The first one she slept for 45mins, second nap she fell asleep in the car just as we got to my parents so needed to walk her back to sleep. She then slept for 35mins. With her 3rd nap, she fell asleep again on the way home but this time I was able to carry her back to cot to continue her sleep. She slept for a little over an hour. Her last nap ended at pretty good time, around 6pm. We can tell she is already tired arouse 8pm, so we quickly gave her a bath then a feed to get her to sleep. I get nervous around bed time now since not sure whether she will let me put her to cot and how long she will sleep for. She just woke up as I was typing this blog entry but managed to pick her up and pat her back to sleep. I have moved her back to cot now. Please give me a longer stretch! I have set my alarm to start at 7.30am again to see how the time plans out. It might work better with 3 naps so she doesn’t get overtired when bed time comes. Fingers crossed.


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