Sleep training day 35

Last night was too much fun, my daughter decided to wake up at around 1.30am and didn’t go back to sleep until 3am. She did however gave me one 3hrs stretch and then up at 7.20am. The fun time. I actually tried to just let her be in cot and see if she will fall asleep by herself again. All the signs were there that she wanted to sleep. At the end I climbed into cot and patted and sang to her. She actually fell asleep like this! First time! Sadly it only lasted for like 5mins then she rolled to her tummy. She fell back asleep this way but I wanted to move the blanket away from her nose and it woke her. I ended up feeding her back to sleep. Very tiring night.

Today my daughter is tired through as well. She had 3 naps and each around an hour long. For the 2nd and 3rd naps, she already showed signs that she wanted to sleep before 2hr up time. Just today I noticed she started to pull her ear when she is tired. She never did this before. I got to look out for it now. We got her to bed around 8.30pm again and I woke her when I closed the door. Sigh. Luckily not too bad to get her back to sleep. Although she just woke again and once picked up back to sleep again.

Let’s hope tonight will not be as fun as last night. I really need sleep.


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