Baby constipation can break your heart

Today was the 3rd of my little girl having constipation. My daughter was in pain whenever she tried to push and be crying. With all the hard work she could only get a little bit out. My husband and I researched online for some quick home remedies. A lot of sites and mothers from forums suggested prune juice. In the morning, my husband went to buy prune juice and some prunes before heading out to work. I mixed 10ml of prune juice with 20ml of water. My daughter only drank a little where I fed her with a spoon. While she took her nap, I prepared for prune puree. Woah they are so soured and watery. When she woke up a few her a few spoons of prune puree worried the sourness be too much for her stomach. I used a very small spoon for feeding. Then I tried go get her to drink a little bit more of the prune juice.

In the afternoon, she was still in pain but  after 3 more nappy change (small amount each time) she seems to have pushed out all the hard bits. At night she did a big poo and not as hard anymore!!

For my little girl, prune juice and prune puree seems to do the trick! Although I fed her more pear for dinner last night and a bit this morning. Maybe the mixed work wonder for my girl. I am going to continue to feed her prune puree (mixed with other fruit like pear and apricot) until we are sure things are back in business. Seeing her in pain so much isn’t a good experience but this is the risk when baby starts solid. At least we now  know to keep her bowel moving with prune!! Sorry if this post grossed you out. I had a grosser version in my mind but I thought to skip over the poopy details. Lol.


2 thoughts on “Baby constipation can break your heart

  1. Prune juice is very effective and I hope your daughter is feeling better. Also be careful to not have too much prune juice, otherwise the opposite problem will occur!

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