Sleep training day 36

I feel that I am finally doing some sleep training but it needs to be in the middle of the night. My daughter surprised us with a 3.5hrs stretch despite she woke up once or twice before that (memory deteriorating). At 1am, the magic time, my daughter woke up not wanting to sleep after feed. I let her rolled around in bed a little bit longer then picked her up to walk her to sleep. She was tired with rubbing eyes and dozing off with her head flipped back as though she was drunk but not fully asleep. I climbed into her cot again and get her down drowsy but awake. She kicked her legs a few more times but I patted her tummy and sing to her. She eventually fell asleep this way. Woah. What an achievement! Sadly this sleep only lasted for 1hr 44mins. Then at 5am, she won’t let me feed her to sleep since i fed her an hour ago (yup, she only slept for an hour). I did the same thing to walk her to drowsy and put her to bed this way. I couldn’t be bothered coming back out of the cot this time and slept next to her. Good thing I did. She woke up twice shortly after but I was able to pat her back to sleep since I was sleeping next to her. At around 7.35am my daughter woke up to start her day. This seems to be her preference now, to be up around 7.30am. Too early for me but nothing I can do, just wish she would wake up and peacefully play in her cot.

Today is another smooth day with walking to sleep. My daughter had 3 naps which the walk itself took around 10mins each time. First nap she slept for a bit over an hour, but her second nap happened at a friend’s place and our chatting woke her after 25mins. At least she was up cheerful. With 3rd nap, we were back home and she did 1hr 27min. That’s because we woke her as well as we need to go out for dinner.

Tonight, we started her night and got her to sleep around 9.30pm. We would prefer earlier but she woke up late from her nap. So far she woke up once already. I am thinking the short 1st stretch is due to milk drunk so when I got her to bed she was fully asleep and then up after a sleep cycle since my breast is no long there. My husband got her back to sleep and I transferred her back to cot. Fingers crossed it will be a good night. No more 1am fun time please.


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