Sleep training day 37

Last night was wonderful!! My daughter woke up around 40m for her first stretch but managed to sleep for 4hrs 17mins after. She then slept for 2hrs and around 3hrs 30mins before waking up at 8.38am. This is the best night I have in a month! I suspect it’s because she was no longer constipated so be able to sleep better. Although I ‘sleep train’ her again close to 5am in the morning. She won’t let me feed her to sleep so I need to walk to drowsy then patted and sang to sleep. This time I didn’t get into the cot so not too bad!

Today, she did two long naps at well. The first one was almost 1.5hrs and the second one is over 2hrs. My daughter pooped a lot today so maybe used up the energy in pushing and catching up on sleep. The first nap walk was longer though,  took 20mins because I failed to put her to cot in first go and I needed to redo the walking.

Tonight, she slept late because of the second nap. I didn’t let her be milk drunk and kissed her cheek when I got her to cot so she woke up a little. Maybe it works because so far she has been sleeping for an hour instead of the usual short, nap like sleep. Let’s hope for another good night!


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