Sleep training day 38

I will try to keep this brief because last night was horrible that I need to get more sleep tonight, well hopefully more. Last night, she started off ok with an over 2hrs stretch, then she was up less than an hour for the next three stretches, finally back to two 2hrs stretch before getting up at 8.10am. My daughter only let me pick her up and pat her back to sleep once, the rest she screamed for my breast. My sleep was so interrupted that I feel exhausted today.

With my daughter’s late start, she only fitted in two naps. The first one was around 55mins and the second one was a bit over an hour. Both times took around 10mins to walk her to sleep. Nap wise she isn’t bad.

One less nap means earlier finish. I fed her to sleep but she woke up 20min after. Surprisingly she let me walked her to drowsy and then I patted and sang to sleep. Sadly this didn’t last long. She woke up cranky because she is tired but couldn’t sleep. I tried feeding again but that didn’t work. I thought I smell poo as well so turned on desk lamp to check, nope, false alarm. This woke her up. I then walked her back to sleep while she was fussing and letting out small cries. I thought I would go into the cot to get her down this time since she wasn’t calmed. I failed! She started to roll to her tummy and beginning to cry, but she then got distracted by a toy and started crawling to get it. I flipped her back to her back and gave her the toy. She was calm and I thought I might give the singing and patting another go. I continued to pat and sing while she played with the toy. Eventually she slowed down and beginning to fall asleep. Woah! My daughter actually fell asleep this way! It feels good to be able to get her to sleep without walking her. I hope she can keep it up and then I can start to put her to cot awake. The room is not dark enough though at the start of the night since sun don’t go to bed until 9pm! Let’s hope my husband doesn’t wake her when he is back from badminton.


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