Sleep training day 39

As mentioned in my previous post that I managed to get her to sleep with patting and singing, my daughter’s sleep didn’t improve. She woke up every 2hrs through out the night and I managed to pat her back to sleep once. At 6.40am, she woke up fully and didn’t want to feed. I let her played for another 30mins before I tried feeding her in bed. She fell asleep for another 30mins then up again. I gave up and got up to change her nappy to start her day. Patting her to sleep in cot doesn’t warrant a longer stretch or she was searching for my voice and patting.

Today, my daughter’s nap was OK but bad timing. First nap she slept for 40mins and then second nap was around 1hr 10mins. She woke at 3.40pm. It is at a bad time that I am not sure whether to keep her up or get her to have another nap. I decided to keep her up and she managed to stay awake until after 8pm. I fed her to sleep but again she has treated it as a nap sort. She woke up 25min after. I walked her to drowsy and then patted her in cot again. The sleep was really short. She woke up crying 10mind after I have gotten her to sleep. Sigh. What’s the use of patting her to sleep in her cot when she can’t even sleep properly?! My daughter woke up crying hard and can only sooth her with feeding. I got her back to sleep with feeding. Let’s hope, please please please give me a better night.


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