Sleep training day 41

Well, last night was no improvement after she was awake for 3hrs and slept super late. My daughter did a 2hrs stretch then gone down hill to wake up an hour after fed. For the last stretch which was right before 7am, I got her to my bed and fed her to sleep. She cried if I don’t let her to latch on, I was too tired to make the best judgement so I just let her. She slept for almost 2hrs more.

Today, considering her late start she still had 3 naps. For her first nap, she slept for around 50min and we woke her for getting back into the room. I fed her and at the time she didn’t want to go back to sleep so we got her downstairs to feed her mixed of pear and prune puree for lunch. My daughter fussed towards the end of the meal and started to cry. She seems to be still tired so my husband walked her back to sleep. 30mins later my mother in law came home and banged the door, that woke her up because we didn’t close the room door. With 3rd nap, she slept for over an hour but woke up close to 7pm. It meant for another late night. I am so frustrated of her late night because ‘textbook’ said babies should sleep around 7 to 7pm. My aim to get her to sleep around 8pm is already considered late (although it seems to stuff up her sleeping a bit more than improving).

Tonight she showed signs being tired around 9.30pm so I fed her. She fell asleep in my arms but once I unlatched her she woke up crying. When I put her to cot she just didn’t want to sleep anymore. I tried patting her but she was getting more and more awake. Sigh. At 10.30pm I decided to feed her again and see. Finally, she fell asleep and was able to transit to cot. It seems like a battle to get her to sleep now and it frustrates me when things don’t go too smoothly. Also she starts to sleep on her side in her sleeps, it nervous me even more because she can end up on her tummy and be awake.

Sigh. She just wake up as I am typing this. See ya. Time to sooth a crying baby.


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