Sleep training day 42

As mentioned in previous post that my daughter didn’t want to sleep at the start. She did do 1hr 50mins before waking up. I fed her back to sleep and surprisingly she did 2hrs 45mins after. That’s like the longest for a couple of weeks? I suspect my daughter has a little tummy issue because she woke up and farted a couple of times. I got her back to sleep and 30mins later woke up farting again. This time I didn’t feed her, I got her out of cot and sat in my bed to pat her. I got her drowsy and move back to cot to continue with patting and singing. I love it when she let me do that to get her to sleep. Sadly this only gave me 1hr 50mins of sleep. I was hoping she can stretch till morning. She then slept for another hour before waking up at 7.29am, a minute before my alarm would go off.

Although my daughter woke up early, she only did 2 naps. With her 1st nap, she initially did an hour in cot and it was time for a feed. I was too tired so got her to bed and fed her while laying down. I fell back asleep and so did she, she latched on though. From that she slept for around another 1.5hrs. I napped while she napped so I got some rest too. With her second nap, I pushed it too hard and got her overtired. I ended up feeding her to sleep. This is so I can push her bed time to aright 8pm.

At 8.3ppm, I have fed my daughter to sleep. Let’s see how well this stretch will go. I get scared and nervous about her sleep now. Will it be a good night? I hope it will be. It is raining outside. Hope the rain will sooth her to better sleep.


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