Sleep training day 43

Last night was gassy. My daughter woke up every single hour and farted, even during feed. In the morning she did a big poo. Tummy issue was tiring for both the baby and me. At 6.46am, she decided she had enough sleep and farts so woke up for the day. Although the frequent disruption to sleep, she did sleep from 8.20pm without waking up to play. I think that’s an improvement somewhat.

Today isn’t pleasant either. With her earlier start, she still didn’t want to go down for a nap until after 10am. I tried for 30mins and she fussed nearly all the way. She did sleep for over an hour that’s the plus side. With her second nap, we were out so she slept in a baby carrier while my mum held her. She woke up 28mins later. According to my mum she did want to go back to sleep with her eyes closed but a woman nearby was so loud that woke her fully. My daughter woke up at 3pm. At 6pm I started to walk her for her 3rd nap because we were having dinner at my parents so can’t be an early night. She absolutely refused to sleep at all! I tried for 40mins and gave up. In hindsight I probably could have fed her but I want to keep it consistent. When I put her back on the floor she was happily playing. As you can guess, tonight ended up being an overtired night. She stayed up for over 5hrs. We went home, quickly bathed her and fed her to sleep. She woke up 18mins later sigh. Tonight is not going to fun. Maybe 8.20pm is her biological clock’s bed time. I need to try to get her to sleep at 8.20pm again.

A thing to note is it is really hard to determine how long she should stay up for. In theory she should sleep every 2hrs but it is impossible for my daughter. I can walk her for an hour if she is just not tired enough. This baby sleep thing is hard.


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